Hotel Disruptors on Maxin TV. EV has its own show.

Episode 1 – What’s wrong with hospitality?
Episode 2- Live from the Waldorf Astoria Keywest

Princess of EV and VIP services at Waldorf. Everyone was signing happy birthday to the princess of EV as she turned 6.  The show featured all the celebrity podcast host.  David Mignano, Wil Slickers, Bruce Jordan, and Malya Felvelson. 
Episode 3- Women in Hospitality. Women History Month.
Live on 03/18

Featuring Sarah Dandashy, Christine Trippi, Tejal Patel, and Ritu Rani. Hear how they got started in hospitality and women in power within hospitality. 

Intro to EV Human industry first AIO with our CEO Ken Patel

Over 500 attended the event for intro to EV Human. Aired live from France, Ireland and United States.

Launch date for EV Human, the first all in one software for hospitality. 

EVHG- EV Human and EV Hotel Group

No Vacancy podcast with Glenn Haussman, Anthony Melchiorri  and Our CEO Ken Patel.
‘Connie’ is the first robot concierge in the hospitality industry.
‘Rosie’ by Maidbot is an autonomous floor cleaner that provides safe and cost-efficient automated solutions to the hospitality industry.

EV Hotel Group provides all in one solution!

Maxin TV

CEO Ken Patel on Maxin TV. CNBC next? Stay tuned! 
Hospitality MD

CEO Ken Patel on Hospitality MD and how EV Hotel Group will forever change hospitality. 
AI hospitality Impact -89% of hotels that use AI have lowering operating costs!

See how AI has the biggest impact in hospitality.

EV Livestream

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