Why we are the disruptors


Hoteliers are unable to effectively utilize data and enhance the guest experience and this contributes to the creation of data silos (segmented groups of data from a hotels CRM, CRS, POS, Social Media, etc.) rather than a single, holistic view of guest data across all touch points. This also means higher cost to hoteliers and expensive upgrade costs.

Some of the challenges with technology :

  • Implementation and integrations
  • Hotel chains have multiple options and multiple vendors making their management challenging
  • Creating a true partnership with their software provider
  • Support and service of the software
  • As hotel chains grow through acquisitions or new builds, their technology partner needs to assure them that they can scale
  • Solutions catered to hotel companies that offer multiple brands
  • Flexibility to provide both cloud and on-premise solutions


We provide all in one software, hotel operation, guest service, communication, revenue management, distribution, CRM and marketing, which leads to huge cost-savings and increased guest satisfaction. We provide the solution to guest data that lives in multiple “data islands” that do not talk to each other: PMS, CRM, CRS, Social Media, Web Analytics, Marketing Data, and BI.

The goal here is very clear: bridge the guest data and technology silos in hospitality and create an end-to-end solution.

Today’s hospitality is being transformed into a 100% digital technology-enabled industry powered by online, mobile, cloud, IoT, AI, blockchain tools and applications. Digital technology is making it’s way into every aspect of the industry: hotel operation, guest service and communication, revenue management, distribution, CRM and marketing. We provide technology based solutions that focus on AI and create more visibility than OTAs. Also retain the online travel business. The “digital way of life” adopted by today’s tech-savvy travel consumer is forcing the hospitality industry to accelerate the adoption of digital methods and become a 100% digital technology-enabled industry.

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